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* Edge to edge Quilting from 0.02 per square inch

* Custom Quilting from 0.05 per square inch

* Set up and thread flat fee - starting at $15/quilt

* Prepare and piece backing flat fee (if needed) - starting at $15

* To calculate quilting the approximate cost multiply L x W (in inches) x cost above then add any optional expenses below

(Sales tax will be added where applicable)


Optional expenses:

* Batting 80/20 - $10 a yard

* Binding with your fabric

       Preparing quilt for and making binding flat fee - Starting at $25

       Curved binding add additional flat fee - starting at $10

* Add muslin strip to backing if too small to fit on the machine flat fee - starting at $10


Important information:

* Your quilt top needs to be pressed, threads cut.

* Your backing fabric must be a MINIMUM of 4 inches larger than your quilt top on all 4 sides.

* Your top, batting and backing should NOT be basted together.

* Please make sure your backing is square.

* Not all puckers can be quilted out.

* Hobby House Hill guests who arrange services for quilting during their retreat will receive a discount.

**Quilt tops can be made for for you.

Please contact for information and pricing.

Call or Text Di Anna at 940-872-1726.

All prices subject to change.

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